Beeswax Candle, 4”

Beeswax Candle, 4”

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All-natural, handmade beeswax chime candles in a variety of colors. Suggested uses include:

Red: Fire, Aries, passion, energy, lust, sex, love, vitality, strength, protection, fertility, action, potency, blood, courage, attraction, magnetism, desire, power, will; breaks spells of fatigue, indifference, ambivalence, and negativity projected by a male.

Orange: Leo, happiness, success, career, goals, stimulation, attraction, power, luck, change, energy, enthusiasm, ambition; breaks spells that may cause difficulty in relationships, the workplace, or parting with one’s past.

Yellow: Air, Gemini, intellect, honor, inspiration, creativity, concentration, memory, logos, confidence; breaks spells causing negative thinking, self-harm, feeling unimportant.

Green: Earth, Taurus, Pisces, abundance, growth, healing, financial success, luck, career, harvest, nature; breaks spells causing illness and disease and reverses spells that limit growth.

Aqua: Water, Virgo, cleansing, dreams, faith, heaven, the infinite, patience, peace, tranquility, transcendence, truth ; breaks spells which cause stagnation, depression, disappointment, anxiety.

Blue: Water, Libra, Aquarius, wisdom, protection, spiritual awareness, communication, change, meditation; breaks and shields from spells in general.

Violet: Strength, success, idealism, psyche, revelation, communing with spirits; breaks spells of guilt, doom, and fear of the future.

Purple: Sagittarius, wisdom, third eye, psyche, meditation, occult, divination, expansion, spiritual protection, recognition, communing with spirits; breaks spells of addiction, feelings of disconnect, and suspicious thoughts.

Pink: Libra, devotion, love, faith, friendship, romance, honor, spiritual healing, emotional healing, peace, sensitivity; breaks spells of general negativity, neglect, melancholy, evil thoughts and impulses.




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