Thaumaturgical Oils, assorted

Thaumaturgical Oils, assorted

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We offer a variety of magickal oils for use in ritual or spell work. Every dram is crafted individually, by hand, using only organic source materials.

We have, for the most part, followed traditional naming conventions, but if you have any questions at all about their properties or use, please reach out and we will gladly go over any of them with you. See below for general descriptions.

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3 Jacks: Attracts good luck and fortune; a gambler's oil. 

Altar: Cleanses and purifies your altar.

Astral: Aids and protects during the practice of astral projection.

Attract a Man/Woman: Does what it says!

AzraelAids in scrying and divinatory work.

Banishing: Gets rid bad habits, people, or situations.

Bless This HouseNeutralizes the negative. Especially useful when buying a new home or carrying your new bride over the threshold.

Break-UpPotent love-breaker; makes a clean break, or keeps an ex away.

CircleAids in general magickal work, especially casting circles.

ConsecrationSanctifies ritual and magickal tools and instruments.

DivinationEnhances psychic awareness and ability.

Flying DevilDefends against attacks on your home; reverses hexes, breaks curses, banishes negative energy. Sends the devil flying.

HandfastingStrengthens the bond of commitment created in your handfasting ceremony.

JourneyEnhances meditation and past life regression.

LoveDraws a lover into your life or strengthens and enhances an existing relationship.

LucidAids in lucid dream work.

LuckEnhances the energy of luck and success surrounding you or your endeavors.

Money DrawingAttracts financial gains; anoint your wallet, dimes, green candles, etc.

MoonAids in lunar work.

O FortunaAmplifies efforts when working with fate and the wheel of fortune to manifest your dreams into reality.

OopsReverses mishaps as well as magickal attacks; protects and sends the impact back to the sender.

PentatruckPowerfully protects, breaks a hex, lifts a curse, clears a jinx.

ProphecyInduces prophetic dreams, enhances psychic ability, depends intuition.

QueenYaaas queen! Boosts self-love, confidence; draws success and good fortune. Because you are worth it.

Shi ShiAids in overcoming obstacles and getting out of a sticky situation; also known as emergency oil.

SuccessEnhances success in achieving goals.

TantraIncreases sexual stamina, desire, and the general magic of the moment.

Uncrossing: A go-to oil for clearing blockages, breaking bad luck streaks, and general protection from, and cleansing of, negative energy.

Van VanPowerhouse, all-purpose oil. Purifies, cleanses, banishes, protects; aids in meditation, ritual, luck love; useful for turnarounds and road opening. 

Wise WomanAssists in menopausal work, increases energy, fights fatigue, boosts mental clarity.

YouthIncreases happiness and zest for life.



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