Mountain Sage Bundles, assorted

Mountain Sage Bundles, assorted

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We offer a variety of mountain sage bundles, including:

Resin Dusted Mountain Sage: 

- Frankincense for purification, meditation, energy work, and good fortune in business

- Myrrh for purification, banishing, breaking hexes or curses, and protection against magical or psychic attacks

- Copal for purification, healing, protection, and peace

- Dragon's Blood for purification, protection, power, good fortune, healing, and banishing

Ceremonial Purification Bundlea combination of Mountain Sage, Cedar, and Sweetgrass, commonly used for purification and banishing rituals.

Yerba Santa: not sage, but it is also burned for spiritual cleansing, to aid with spiritual journeys, and to help find your innermost self.

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