Weekly Forecast is Now Weekly Advice!

After once again making a change that no one asked for, our weekly forecast is being shaken up!

Personally, I have always had a hard time connecting with pulling cards for a "general advice" reading. I've always felt a little like I am just tossing out fortune cookies into the aether of the internet and hoping that it connects with someone, somewhere. The intention was nice, but just not for me. 

We'd still like to get something updated here on a weekly basis, though, so after some consideration we thought we would start a Crones & Stones write-in advice column.

Because why not?

This way we're still getting to write about some cards, but hopefully in a more useful presentation. Making broad, generic statements in an attempt to make it make sense for 7 billion people just wasn't jiving with us. This should be more interesting, engaging, and likely more fun.

Another issue we were running into is that each of us have actual full-time obligations and the constant pressure to create in many arenas of life every week was just not sustainable. This was one area we saw that some adjustments could be made.

All that being said, we can't write a weekly advice column without people writing us. It's a win-win for everyone, though. If your question is selected you basically get a free reading, and, like I said, we get something to write about. Questions will be posted, but like all advice columns, the author will be anonymous. Your questions can be serious or you can have fun with it. Totally up to you! 

If you want to write us, send an email to michael@cronesandstones.com and we will try to get to your question! Right now we plan on switching it up each week as to who will be responding, either Michael or Jen. And as always if you would like to book a more detailed, personal reading you can do so here

We put out a call for questions recently and today we'll get started. 


Dear Stones,

Lately my career has not brought the joy to my life it once did. Nothing has changed with my job in years, and things that once made me happy I now see as annoyances. Financially things are great, so I am afraid of stepping out, especially with the current state of the country. Should I stick to it or should I try something new?

Gainfully Employed in 


Durham, NC: Intuitive Tarot with Crones & Stones - Weekly Tarot Advice Column


Dear Employed,

I’m sorry to hear that things at work are not as engaging as they once were. The question of “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” is an unfortunately common one when it comes to our jobs and careers (and relationships, and homes, and you name it), but it doesn’t make the decision any less personal. We all know what Marie Kondo’s response would be if something is not sparking joy, but let’s talk about what the tarot has to say.

The spread pictured above addresses many different aspects of answering your question. Let’s look at the big picture first.

Interestingly, there are a lot of major arcana cards showing up. If I remember how to do the math (and I probably don’t) the chances of six of them turning up out of eight cards is about 0.001%. When something that unlikely happens I tend to pay attention. The major arcana cards in the tarot speak to big themes, major milestones, philosophies, spiritual lessons, and the like. So, if you’re one to believe in divine messages, listen up. This decision will have huge repercussions throughout your life.

Looking at the two groups again, the first four cards are very controlled and the second four are much freer feeling, with some interesting twists in the imagery, but more on that later.

Your present situation is represented here by the Magician. You know what you’re doing, you have the skills and expertise, and you’re the guy who makes things happen. But there is more than a simple get the job done energy to this guy. He has the vision, he has the inspiration and the drive to draw from that and create his reality. Ultimately his imagination is his limit.

The next two cards are a little on the nose… 

The Devil here represents what could be blocking you from moving on. In this card we see people chained to the Beast himself. When this card is turned over we’re often asked, in general, to look at where we are placing the material above the spiritual. In your case, it seems like what is blocking you from moving on is, like you said, the fear of financially being unstable. But more than that, the fear that unchaining yourself from this means you will venture off into uncertain territory. Better the devil you know… 

The Strength card is the next on-the-nose card, as here it answers the question “What are my strengths?” So in this situation, your fortitude is truly your strength. If you were to stay at your current place of employment you would be able to do it. Notice no one on the card seems particularly excited, though. In many versions of this card the woman is seen typically taming the lion. Here, the lion is already tamed. The work is done.

The Eight of Wands here represents reasons to stay. This is an interesting card to turn up, as it often is a card of movement and there is action in the card as these eight wands go flying over the land below. But this can be a little misleading. Eights are also about balance. And here it would seem that your job allows for some balance between having fun in life and the responsibilities of having a career. The suit of Wands represents our passions, ambitions, adventures and careers, so this card is so very fitting. The movement and adventure that this card can imply is tempered by the fact that they are very organized. There aren’t just eight wands being flung across the landscape below, but rather it appears someone gathered them up and they’re being thrown in a very methodical or planned manner.

The next card, The Moon, in this position speaks to the benefits of leaving. By leaving you will rediscover some primal need that you’ve been ignoring. You’ll be able to bring some magic and mystery to your life that you’re missing right now. But to do this you will also have to do some self-discovery. Something lurks beneath the surface of the water that you need to face in order to integrate this card. Some people are not willing to do this and choose to continue life blissfully unaware of their shadow. There’s no judgment here either way, it is a question we all have to answer for ourselves, though, whether we are willing to do this or not.

The Empress is here to point out what is blocking you from progressing where you are—potentially getting in the way of that joy you no longer feel at work. She brings up a couple of valid points here: first, she thrives on creative energy. Find a way to bring some creative elements into your work, whatever that may mean for your line of work. Even if the job itself doesn’t offer much room for creativity you can find little ways to inject your own sense of style into things. If nothing else, make your office space a place of beauty that makes you happy to at least be in.

Also the Empress as a blockage suggests you’re giving too much of yourself to your work or the people at work. You need to own your authority (if even only over yourself). While the Empress is awesome at helping others find their own strengths and nurturing them into their own best selves, as a challenge she’s reminding you not to get lost along the way. Stop trying to please everyone when you’re not happy yourself. 

The Three of Pentacles addresses what strengths you should play to and reiterates what the Empress said in the position before. You’re excellent at working with people, as this is the card of teamwork, but the figure on this card is doing creative work. You understand your work, you understand how to work with other people, it seems as though the trifecta here is only missing the creativity. It seems truly important that your ennui stems from a lack of creativity. 

If you can’t bring creative energy into the work place, perhaps introducing it into your life in other areas will bring you the joy you feel you’re lacking. Look back on the Eight of Wands. Your work serves to balance your other passions. It could be that in changing perspective on your career—why you go in day after day, the security it offers and the activities and pursuits it allows outside of work—might not spark joy, but the gratitude for its comfort and security might outweigh the rest. And then you find your joy elsewhere.

Or maybe not. Ultimately, you’re the only one who can answer that question.

So, should you stay or should you try something new? The Sun is your answer. And once more we see reference to creative energy! There is no more creative force in our solar system than the Sun. There is no other card in the tarot that gives the “go ahead” as strongly as the Sun. The Sun gives you permission to make a new start, go forward into a new dawn, chase your bliss.

The Sun also refers to conducting yourself with openness, honesty, and enthusiasm. Shine bright and be yourself. Unapologetically. Even, and maybe most importantly, with yourself. Aim its light into your dark corners. Explore your shadow suggested by the Moon earlier. Whether you end up staying or going, you’ll have learned an incredible amount about yourself. You might just find that spark of joy!




If you've made it this far, thanks for sticking with it! They won't all be this long. 

Again, if you’d like your own personalized reading please don't hesitate to reach out! Each of us offer something a little different, so be sure to look at each of our listings. Jennifer, or I (Michael) would be happy to sit down with you in person if you’re local, or through e-mail if you are not. 

The deck I used this week was one of our favorites, The Bianco Nero Tarot by Marco Proietto. You can check out more of his work here. If you want a copy of his deck, check here!

Have something you want to write in about? Again, send your advice write-ins to michael@cronesandstones.com!

Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next week. 

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