Weekly forecast 3/4-3/10

Hello Witches! Jen here! I’m back for another round of weekly chit chat while Michael is having the time of his life at the Northwest Tarot Symposium! Actually he’s sick as hell so y’all send some healing vibes. But seriously, can you feel it?! Ostara is almost here! Omg I’m so excited!  I NEED this and y’all are going to trip over our new Ostara candle... more on that to come! So let’s dive in 'cause we’ve got a great week ahead of us!

Our oracle card for the week is brought to your by Art Oracle and I drew Henri Matisse. “Unleash the beast within. Productivity, even in pajamas. Sketch boldly and paint with a big stick.” 

Monday - Queen of Wands 

What a way to start the week off with the witch of the deck. The Queen of Wands in the Moonchild Tarot is one of my favorites because it invokes true vibrancy and that’s what the Queen of Wands is all about. The cool confidence she exudes when she walks into a room as her authority expands out. She stands resilient in her ambition and her dreams. She is independent and charismatic, a social butterfly. Filled with determination, she’s a sharp shooter and gets what she wants. This confidence lives deep within her sacred knowledge and trust within herself. Let the Queen of Wands guide you through the week and be your anchor. She will set the tone for the week and keep you balanced. You need no validation when you are aligned with your highest good. 

Tuesday - 4 of pentacles 

What do you value most? The 4 of Pentacles brings us to that question today. Often the ego can get us wrapped up in the unnecessary focus of material wealth, social status, or possessions. But it can also invite us to balance out and become stable in these areas as well. You can call on the 4 of Pentacles when you are trying to conserve money and have more security. The work here is to maintain a healthy relationship with abundance. 

Wednesday - Strength

Mid-way into the week we have Strength. Confidence, self-mastery, skill, courage, and persuasion are just a few keywords I feel when I pull Strength. Today we have the power within us to navigate any course life throws at us. Strength shows up in our lives when Spirit is trying to tell us we are ready to overcome the challenges presented to us. A powerful card to call upon if you are trying to work through a transition or trauma and need to focus on willpower and determination. Moonchild Tarot recommends pairing with a Bloodstone or Hematite while meditating/working with this card. 

Thursday - The High Priestess 

OMG okay, three weeks in a row! I hope this resonates with all of y’all because it definitely resonates with me. There is a spiritual awakening happening. Are you here for it? High Priestess is driving home how important it is that we are tapping into our intuition. Using our magic. She wants us to explore ourselves, to dive into our dreams and see what lives in the depths of our subconscious. Ask yourself how you can fully connect to all parts of yourself. Turn the dial up to 10 and see what happens. 

Friday - Knight of Wands

The presence of the Knight of Wands has us ready to kick off this weekend with adventure and maybe even wanderlust. Maybe you’re craving a weekend out of town? A theme of confidence is sewing itself through this week and the Knight of Wands is no stranger to it. Daring and courageous this Knight is one of the more visionary in the deck. Let this inspiration and restlessness drive you this weekend to get out and explore something new! 

Saturday - Knight of Cups 

With adventure in the foreground and another knight by our side, the Knight of Cups is bringing us serious artistic and romantic vibes. One of the dreamiest cards in the deck, this Knight is deeply in touch with his emotions and speaks straight from the heart. Did you follow your wanderlust and get out of town yesterday with your loved ones? Did you stay home and make it a family weekend? The Knight of Cups is both passionate and playful. A good day to be creative with your loved ones. 

Sunday - The Fool 

We end our week by beginning a new journey, how fitting. The Fool invites us to feel our inner child, the impulse, the spontaneity. As the week comes to a close we can spend today dreaming of the next adventures ahead of us. The movements we will take to get there, the pauses we should consider and the leaps we should make. How confident did you feel this week? Do you feel ready for the new opportunities that wait for you next week? 


If you’d like your own personalized reading please don't hesitate to reach out! Each of us offer something a little different, so be sure to look at each of our listings. Whitney, Michael or I (Jennifer) would be happy to sit down with you in person if you’re local, or through e-mail if you are not. (Still working on a suitable way for video readings. Reach out if you have suggestions!)

The decks I used this week are The Moonchild Tarot and The Art Oracle. Unfortunately at this time we do not carry either deck, these are from my personal collection.  

Did I miss something that is standing out to you in the cards? Have any other questions or comments? Leave a response below! I love to talk tarot, and sometimes I’m not sure if I am only talking to myself!

Have a great week y’all! 

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