Weekly Forecast 3/18 - 3/24

Tarot in Durham, NC, with Crones & Stones: Weekly Forecast for 3/18 - 3/24


I thought I would pull three cards again for some advice for the week. This has been feeling better than pulling a single card for each day of the coming week. Let me know which format you prefer! Next week might bring something else, who knows.

This week’s cards come from the New Era Elements Tarot by Eleonore F. Pieper, Ph.D.

The Mother of Water shows up to guide us this week, flanked by the 10 of Water, Repletion and the 7 of Fire, Bravery.

We might feel at odds with our inner selves this coming week and will have to pay special attention to our motivations and what lies behind them. Each of the flanking cards are showing one aspect of Martian influence—Mars in Pisces with the 10 of Water, and Mars in Leo with the 7 of Fire. You can see the obvious difference in the cards even if you know nothing about astrology. Look at the calm, serene landscape of the 10 contrasted with the inferno raging and active figures in the 7.

Feeling the opposing pull of these cards warns of a Mother of Water who represents overwhelming emotions, or personal boundaries that might get washed away. At times she can feel overly needy, or she can be easily taken advantage of when her need to be needed becomes too great. Don’t fall into her ill aspects this week.

The cards speak on one hand to the allure of contentment that can come when we feel full to the brim. This feeling can easily and subtly turn to complacency as we stand in one place and slowly sink into the mud, realizing too late that we should have moved or acted. On the other hand we see the need to act, to be a part of things, to get out there and be of use—but without blindly charging forward and ending up burned in the end. Two cards that are seemingly at odds, one of fire and one of water, with us stuck in the steamy middle.

There might be a time for each of these extremes this week. Every mother knows this dilemma and that feeling in our hearts when faced with each: when do we step in and help our children find their bravery and when do we step back and let them find their bravery within. The key to navigating the push and pull will be to embody the Mother of Water at her best: call upon your intuition, reflect and rely on your emotional intelligence to know when each of these energies is appropriate, and more importantly, why you feel this way

Have pure intentions and act from the heart this week. With love as a motivator we can never go wrong.






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The deck I used this week was the New Era Elements Tarot You can view more images of the cards and purchase the deck here.

Did I miss something that is standing out to you in the cards? Have any other questions or comments? Leave a response below! I love to talk tarot, and sometimes I’m not sure if I am only talking to myself!

Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next Sunday.

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