Weekly Forecast: 3/11 - 3/17

Weekly Forecast: 3/11 - 3/17

I put off pulling cards for the weekly forecast all day because in all honesty I just haven’t been feeling it lately. A one-card reading for seven days just hasn’t been doing it for me. Hopefully there were some useful nuggets for someone out there, but I think I am finished with that particular format. I’ll use this week to mull it over.

When I did finally sit down to pull some cards tonight I got exactly the message I needed. It’s crazy how that always works with tarot, isn’t it… 

The moon is an invitation to examine our illusions. It shines a light down on the night, but the light is only a reflection, not its own. What thoughts lurk down in those depths that are lured to the surface by the moon’s soft glow?

Things have been stirring beneath the surface but I have been too preoccupied keeping all the plates spinning, all the balls in the air, and just not tripping over my own two feet as I run from here to there—I’ve only recently begun to notice the choppy, turbid waters. 

The Two of Swords is often seen as a figure sitting on a choice, blocking her heart and emotions from having an impact on what she may or may not choose. At times it is a card of mediation, but reversed can signal over-compromising, giving too much away in order to keep peace and harmony. That being said, I think it’s fairly clear that I should take some time to myself, pull back and pull in. It just so happens that Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for this inward focus and contemplation.

This is a struggle we all have in modern life. We all get busy. It’s so easy to forget to check in with ourselves while we are making sure we keep the world turning for everyone else. So this week we aren’t giving you a forecast, we’re giving you homework:

Check in with yourself.

At least one time this week find a quiet place and ask yourself how you’re doing. You could literally have a conversation with yourself, or you could journal. Because the moon is associated with certain mystical practices you could do dream work. Quiet meditation works, or even go for a walk in the moonlight one night and practice active meditation. However you can find a way to spend a few minutes with yourself and your thoughts, do it. 

Be sure what you’re spending your time doing, the goals you’re aiming for, the people you’re surrounding yourself with… essentially the life you are living… Be certain it is true to the life you want to be living. Be certain you haven’t been busy for too long with your head down, forgetting to look up and see where you are every so often. 

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