Weekly forecast 2/04/19-02/10/19

Hey y’all, Jen here with this weeks forecast! It’s been a while since I’ve talked to y’all on a blog post so I wanted to take a second and say thank you to all the new folks we’ve met recently at the pop ups and markets we’ve been doing. We love meeting you, hearing your stories and connecting with you! So let’s get on with this weeks forecast! 


The theme for this week is Temperance.

Temperance is the gentle reminder to all of us that divinity and harmony lie within us. It welcomes us to approach life from a less attached position and to be more adaptable. I always envision my spirit guides watching over me when I pull Temperance. It is a reminder to approach life with patience and to have balance. This card also encourages us to remain calm through challenges.


8 of Swords - Monday

We start our week in the 8 of swords and for many of us this can feel a little like self-sabotage. Let's be real, we hold onto the things that aren't good for us all the time and we choose to not remove our blindfolds at times because it's easier. Have you let yourself become trapped in a fear based think pattern? Do you need to release some illusion so you no longer feel restricted? The 8 of swords invites us to raise our awareness so that we can do exactly that, remove the blindfold and unbind ourselves. How can we let go of the perceptions of self-limiting beliefs and step into a position of giving and receiving love?


Divine Wisdom - Tuesday

In the Moonchild Tarot Divine Wisdom represents an awakening, an expansion of the higher self. The divine message it brings is that the magic resides within us. To come out of the 8 of swords and into Divine Wisdom seems pretty special to me. The Goddess Isis represents sovereignty, power and the collective healing. We are all pushing through the 8 of swords together. Isis is showing us that the strength is finding power in the collective. Tap into your own Divine Wisdom today and see what awakenings find you.


Page of Cups - Wednesday

Out of an awakening comes new beginnings and imagination. The Page of Cups is a welcome sight this Wednesday. We might find ourselves feeling a bit youthful today or getting in touch with our inner child. Matters of the heart will be forefront on the brain today and it could be a great day to journal and day dream those new ideas into existence. I personally get super creative vibes from this card, so grab a paint brush and express yourself.


The Star - Thursday

If you're still rolling in the dreamy vibes from Wednesday you'll feel right at home today. The Star is giving us all the inspiration we could ask for. You should be feeling balanced and on the right path.  The Star fills us with hope and faith and she set us on our spiritual path. The Universe is showing up for you today! Enjoy the waves of inspiration and creation and if you are making some significant changes in your life let The Star help transform you from the old to the new. The Star is here to further strip off those self-limiting beliefs we had at the beginning of the week, so let her help you choose the highest version of yourself.


The Devil - Friday

TGIF is about to get crazy! Y'all better keep it in check on Friday! The Devil is out and he's trying to shake your weekend up! Today may be a good day for some shadow work.  When's the last time you asked yourself some hard questions? Doing shadow work is super important to our spiritual growth. The Devil also speaks directly to those (I'm going to say it again) SELF-LIMITING beliefs. Today may be a hard day to let go of our attachments and we may feel restricted again. What do you need to release today?


Two of Swords - Saturday

In this Two of Swords a priestess finds herself crossed by multiple obstacles represented by the two swords. Which one will she choose? Maybe both? The issue is that she's stuck in self-doubt and indecision. A gentle reminder that once she trusts in herself she will cross a threshold and move forward into new territory. Is there a situation in which you need more clarity before making a decision? You might simply find it hard to make plans or simple decisions today.


The Magician - Sunday

Looks like we made a decision. By Sunday we have the Magician. The ultimate manifestor.  We are the magic, mister. Today you should be feeling pretty boss. I know I do when I pull the Magician. The Magician reminds us that everything we need to make magic happen is living right inside us. So it would appear we have a theme folks. We are the magic we want to see in the world. Dream big today! Start a new project or dream up big plans! This is the card of inspired action!




This week's deck: The Moonchild Tarot

If you’d like your own personalized reading please don't hesitate to reach out! Each of us offer something a little different, so be sure to look at each of our listings. WhitneyMichael, or I (Jennifer) would be happy to sit down with you in person if you’re local, or through e-mail if you are not. (Still working on a suitable way for video readings. Reach out if you have suggestions!)

Did I miss something that is standing out to you in the cards? Have any other questions or comments? Leave a response below! I love to talk tarot, and sometimes I’m not sure if I am only talking to myself!

Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next Sunday.

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