Weekly Forecast: 02/11 - 02/17

To fall in love, you have to be in the state of mind for it to take, like a disease.

- Nancy Mitford

This week’s theme is “Healing” from the Third Eye Oracle. And it came up rather persistently. As an aside, and to give a little peak behind the curtain, when I sit down to draw cards for this weekly forecast I typically start with choosing whatever tarot deck is calling at to me at that moment, then try and match an oracle deck to the vibe of the tarot deck. 

I cut the Third Eye Oracle to look at the image style next to the Crystal Bone Tarot and thought they complemented each other well, and it was the Healing card that came up. Then, when I finally sat down to do the draw, I began shuffling the oracle cards and the Healing card popped out. Sometimes I pay close attention to jumpers, other times (such as this one) I chalk it up to sloppy shuffling and I toss it back in. When I sat with the cards for a minute and got grounded and ready to receive whatever messages wanted to come through I cut the deck and, you can probably guess, for the third time the Healing card came up.


Theme: Healing

THEME: Healing

I would have a 0.0008% chance of doing that again.

So, lets definitely pay close attention this week for opportunities to heal. It seems that message is coming through loud and clear. 


Weekly Forecast: 02/11 - 02/17

Overall, the week looks pretty well balanced. 


Monday: Knight of Bones

MONDAY: Knight of Bones

In the Crystal Bone Tarot the bones suit represents what is typically the suit of wands.

Follow your passion today. You might see that an opportunity arises, maybe one that you planted the seed for some time ago, and you’ll need to act fast to be sure it doesn’t pass you by. The Knight of Bones acts on his impulses and he is willing to bring anyone along for the ride, but he will not wait for you to decide. You’re either in or you’re out.

Related to that, we need to enter the week like it is ours to own. Not only do we need to strut into Monday with confidence, but we need to act confidently. Today isn’t a good day to analyze or inspect. What has gotten you fired up lately? Focus on that. Create something. Do something daring. Don’t be reckless, certainly, but don’t restrain yourself either.


Tuesday: Three of Swords

TUESDAY: Three of Swords

Many people get hung up on the traditional imagery of the 3 of Swords and tend to think of it literally, often as betrayal or heartbreak. But the heart is typically the domain of the cups suit. Here, in the world of the swords, we need to focus on our minds and thoughts. Perhaps there is a heartbreak involved, but this card is a call to examine how we are processing that pain in our minds, or how we are weaponizing our thoughts to inflict the pain on ourselves or others.

What may also be likely is that after drawing the Knight for Monday this card is appearing when we need to be called out on following our heads (the swords) rather than our hearts like we were asked to do. Monday we were encouraged to chase our passion, Tuesday we may have to deal with the guilt or disappointment in not doing so.

What didn’t we do yesterday that maybe we felt we should have done? Maybe we were too slow to act or the outcome didn’t quite go as planned, but the key is not to beat ourselves up over it. Realize what the issue is, learn from it, and grow.


Wednesday: Hermit


Monday might not have been a good day for introspection, but today is. Today we might find some big answers by digging deep. Think back over the past couple days. Did you get burned by your own fire? Did you ignore the advice and let logic silence your intuition or push aside your inner zeal? How have your thoughts been weapons of mass destruction lately?

It isn’t lost on me that Valentine’s Day is coming up and many of us experience a certain pressure in our romantic lives during this week. Regardless of your plans (big date night, celebrating Galentine’s Day, or staying in because it’s just another day), use today to reflect on things and reconnect with yourself.  Again there is the danger of isolation here, as I’ve mentioned previously when the Hermit has come up. Be sure that your solitude is serving you, not that you’re isolating yourself in order to not deal with things. 


Thursday: Knight of Cups

THURSDAY: Knight of Cups

What a surprise that he shows up on Valentine’s Day. Another urge to follow your heart today, but this time our emotions are highlighted more so than our intuition. This knight can be an amazing lover, but he can also get a little sappy. Or even moody and broody. 

Be sure to focus on actions of compassion and love today. If you have a valentine, make them feel special. If you don’t have a significant other don’t dwell on that but do something for someone else you love, a friend, parent, or child. Or do something to acknowledge your self love. The Knight is also a very creative guy; today could be a good day to paint, write a poem, or take up some creative activity that ties closely to your emotional world, especially if there are wounds there to heal.


Friday: Two of Cups

FRIDAY: Two of Cups

Again, this seems a little on the nose for this week, and suggests more of the same that we have been seeing. Partnership, union, love. These are all themes for the 2 of Cups. Moving from the Hermit, through the Knight and now this, I think it’s a safe bet that we should all be getting out of our house today and getting together for a little fun with someone else. It’s Friday! Raise a glass!

Saturday: Emperor


And now This Guy. All the touchy feeling emotions of the week come to a crashing halt here. The Emperor is nothing if not logical and rigid. Not that this is a bad thing. His implementation of boundaries and efforts could be a very welcome energy today. Saturdays are good days for checking off that to-do list!

Additionally, he is the guy who lays the foundations for the future, makes the plans, and commits to his vision. Today could be a very real wake up call to evaluate your goals and where you are on your path to achieving them. Only a couple days after Valentine’s Day some might be examining their romantic lives. There’s no doubt that for some people marriage and partnership is a very real, very important goal, and now could be the time to get serious and look at what steps you can take to reach that goal.

Sunday: Nine of Crystals

SUNDAY: Nine of Crystals

The suit of crystals in the Crystal Bone Tarot represents the traditional pentacles suit. 

This is by far the best card, in my opinion, to end this week on. No matter if we’re single, partnered, throupled, or whatever your relationship status is, we can come out of the week with confidence and independence. If we take the lessons that we are presented with this week, learn from them, integrate the answers we find and grow, we are able to look back on the week and be happy with who we are, where we are, and all we have accomplished. 

In a way, we have come full circle back to our first card of the week. Things might have gotten a little shaky in the middle, but overall it looks like we’re in for a great week.






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The decks I used this week were the Third Eye Oracle and the Crystal Bone Tarot. The Third Eye Oracle was created by Branson Norris, however I am not sure where it is being sold right now. You can check here but it is not currently listed as of this posting.

The Crystal Bone Tarot can be purchased directly through our website and was created by the artist Jace Anderson while living in Salem, MA. I believe he has since moved to California. You can find his website here.

Did I miss something that is standing out to you in the cards? Have any other questions or comments? Leave a response below! I love to talk tarot, and sometimes I’m not sure if I am only talking to myself!

Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next Sunday.

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