Weekly Forecast: 01/14 - 01/20

How was your week? Did you feel or create any of the structure that kept creeping into last week’s forecast? Make any crazy plans today (Sunday)? Not yet? Well, if it's still Sunday when you're reading this there is still time to light the world on fire!

Thinking back on last week’s forecast I decided on Friday to go downtown and check in with Everyday Magic. Both because I hadn’t been in a while and wanted to check out anything new, and because (if you weren’t aware) we pour their ritual candles (the white ones with the …unique fragrances they chose; if you’ve smelled them, you know what I mean) and I wanted to just touch base.

Long story short, I was in talking to Sarah who was behind the counter that day and we got on the topic of oracle decks and how we own some, but never really use them in our practice. I don’t own a ton of oracle decks, I mainly will pick one up if it’s a companion to a tarot deck that I’ve purchased. Or the random few I bought a long time ago when I was still in that I need all the magical things! mindset. Those decks that I do have are so rarely used, and I do feel a little stab of guilt every time my hand passes over them (without hesitation) as I reach for a tarot deck…

Weekly Forecast: 01/14 - 01/20

So I decided to shake things up going forward, as you’ll see. Rather than a tarot card for the theme of the week, I drew on the Connected & Free oracle, companion to the Lumina Tarot that I pulled from this week. I suppose that’s as organic as any way to start introducing them.

Theme: Standstill

This week’s theme: Standstill.

I talked last week of how this coming week really feels like the start of the year for me, and likely many of you. Loose ends from the holidays are tied up and 2019 is stretching out before us. This year’s card is The Hanged Man, and this card implies many of the same lessons. In fact, it even resembles the tree said man is hanging from.

Take time this week, take pause, and find relief in inaction. Exercise restraint. Seek moments of silence. I think we can all agree 2018 left us a little winded. Before the gears of 2019 start to grind us all down, let us be sure to enjoy this quiet time of the new year. 

We're going to see some pretty big cards this week. Cards that really ask us to look at ourselves, our choices, and our happiness. If we sit with them and take time to learn from them, we will be well equipped for our journey into 2019.


Monday: Strength

Monday: Strength

Tap into your inner strength today—restraint often requires this of us. Stride into the new week with confidence and grace. You are strong, you are capable. Yesterday’s card, the Ace of Wands, was a burst of new energy, which sometimes can get a little messy. Today with Strength we see Leo, the fixed fire sign. Maintain your fire today, keep it at a steady burn. We’ll see going forward we might face burn-out this week. It is important today to set the pace of feeding the fuel for the week.


Tuesday: Four of Cups

Tuesday: Four of Cups

Our friend the Four of Cups is back this week. Last week the message was about perception, this week about standstill, so how does that affect the interpretation? This Four can sometimes be seen as a meditation on what we have, a call to notice those things which we often overlook. We may feel some dissatisfaction and now is the time to look at why that might be, or why we may only feel as though we are. Three is not necessarily the most stable of numbers, but four creates a stability which can be hard to knock over, for better or worse. Appreciate those aspects of your life that help maintain your stability. Love them, make space for them, but don’t take them for granted and don’t allow them to trap you and grow stagnant.

Associated with Chesed on the Tree of Life, today will be an excellent day to practice kindness and grace (but which day is not?) and that again may require restraint on our behalf. Maybe your boss is going to throw some extra work on your desk, or you have to sit in on a meeting filled with people chewing their lunch at an audible level. Be calm and be kind today.

Also take note of any inspiring visions today.


Wednesday: Justice

Wednesday: Justice

We all know what justice means. Truth, honesty, integrity, fairness, etc. But how do these apply to us today? Justice can represent karma, our past catching up to us essentially. We might see old issues resurface today. These could be the consequences of choices we made last year, in fact—the card of the year for 2018 was Justice. (It could also be that you’re in for a good day in court if you have legal matters to tend to today.)

Justice also has an interesting relationship with Strength. In fact, the two cards often swap places depending on the school of thought your tarot deck comes from. Carrying out an act of justice often requires great strength. The just course of action is not always the easy course of action. 

Keeping the week’s theme in mind, today we should sit with our options before we make any decisions. When we finally do make a choice we need to be sure that we are truly aware of the choice we are making. 


Thursday: King of Cups

Thursday: King of Cups

Another excellent card to refer to this week’s standstill. This guy keeps his cool. He knows what is in his heart, but he doesn’t get lost in this depths, nor does he lead with his passions. He keeps them in check and balances them with what he knows in his head. You may encounter a person who embodies this today, or you may be called up on to embody this energy yourself. Given how perfectly he fits into the cards so far this week, I’d say this is going to be on you. 

See that little snake he’s holding? Let’s take that as a warning that, when you do step up to lead this week, you don’t lead through manipulating people, or have any hidden agendas. Just because Justice came up yesterday doesn’t mean we are done with it.


Friday: The Star

Friday: The Star 

We walked into the week with the confidence of strength, meditated on ourselves and our choices, and taken the answers we discovered with us as we have stepped up to be an example for others. I’d say it’s been a good week so far, and we are ending the weekdays with a card from the major arcana that I think wraps it up all very nicely: The Star.

We are embodying our Selves today. Our creativity might be going full-speed. We have a renewed sense of ourselves and our truths, and our confidence allows us to shine bright enough that we might guide others. Perhaps today we act on the inspiration we may have felt earlier in the week.


Saturday: The Knight

Saturday: Knight of Swords

Be on the look out for this guy today. Coming off the high of yesterday’s Star energy it could be tempting to operate like the Knight of Swords today. But remember our keyword for the week: standstill. Don’t rush into things today. Being excited is great, being reckless is not. This is also the burn-out I mentioned earlier when we set the pace for the week. The flames this knight feeds can quickly consume everything if left unchecked, leaving with us with nothing but ash and exhaustion.

I both love and hate the Knight of Swords. When I am along for the ride, a willing participant in whatever he’s up to (and it could be so, so many things), it can be a breathtaking experience, his brilliance leaving me awestruck.

However, if I am not a participant, and he blows by me, I’m left at best irritated, at worst with a few cuts or missing limbs. Have you ever been around a tweaker? I hope for your sake you have not been, but if you have, a low-vibing Knight of Swords is a little like that. Get out of his way.

Today be aware of how you fit into this scenario. Are you the air that stimulates and helps the fire grow? Are you running blindly with ideas and hurting the people around you? The Knight’s focus, keen intellect, and momentum can be used for good, we just need to keep the people around us in mind while we act.


Sunday: King of Pentacles

Sunday: King of Pentacles

Finally, some grounded energy! Let's take today to process the week we just had. This has been an excellent week for taking stock and tapping into our creativity. Just because the week is coming to a close, though, let’s not forget these lessons, but add them to our resources so that when we go forward we can draw on them at will. Do this, and we will find ourselves to be stronger, more stable and reliable to ourselves and those who depend on us.

At 12:16 AM (EST) we also see the rise of the Super Blood Wolf Moon. We can use this energy to illuminate the week’s lessons. Technically this is Monday the 21st, but we'll be under the influence on Sunday.



If you’d like your own personalized reading please don't hesitate to reach out! Each of us offer something a little different, so be sure to look at each of our listings. Whitney, Jennifer, or I (Michael) would be happy to sit down with you in person if you’re local, or through e-mail if you are not. (Still working on a suitable way for video readings. Reach out if you have suggestions!)

The decks I used this week, as I previously mentioned, are Lumina Tarot and the Connected & Free oracle by Inner Hue. I believe they had gone out of print for a while, but it looks like they are being published again.

Did I miss something that is standing out to you in the cards? Have any other questions or comments? Leave a response below! I love to talk tarot, and sometimes I’m not sure if I am only talking to myself! 

Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next Sunday.

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