Weekly Advice for April 1st.

Hello all! I just wanna give a quick shout out to y’all out there reading these weekly posts! I personally love it because it’s strengthening my reading abilities and with the new weekly advice column I feel like we’re getting to know y’all and that is what we’re all about! We are here to grow community so thank you for reading and reaching out! We see you! ✨ 

This weeks question really hit me as I believe many of us will resonate with where the author is coming from. We’ve all put ourselves in situations we know aren’t good for us but we can’t help but think this time around it’ll be different. Then we find ourselves stuck in a loop of bad decisions wondering how truly masochist we are. I have been here one too many times. How do we break free and start a new path? Let’s dive into Bottomless Pit’s question and see what the cards have to teach us. 

Hello, I am not sure a tarot reading can fix me, but I thought I would write in and see. This is the first time I am admitting this, so I am not sure if it will even make sense yet. I think I punish myself with food. I don't know if it is because I have a low sense of self worth or what. Lately I have started to try and pay more attention. I often feel like I am not good enough, not smart enough, not creative enough, just not enough. So I punish myself by eating junk that makes me really feel as bad as I think I am, makes me gain weight, etc. In my head I know I should not eat the garbage that I end up eating. I know I should make healthy choices. But then I see the unhealthy choice and think, "Well you're already fat/ugly/gross/whatever so what does it matter if you eat that?" How do I stop doing this?

Thank you,
Bottomless Pit

Dear Bottomless Pit,

First of all thank you for your question and the strength it took to write in to us about it. I pulled three cards to represent how you can move forward into a new positive experience and path. One where your relationship to eating feels more balanced and nurturing. 

The first card is the Ten of Swords reversed. When we have this card reversed it signifies the ending of a hurtful time and a recovery about to take place. If you look at the traditional Rider Waite deck reversed, the swords are falling out, leading the way for healing and nurturing to begin. Ten of Swords reversed brings regeneration and release after crisis. One of the most important things about this card to me is that in order to heal from this hurt you must acknowledge these wounds and accept them then move on to new preceptives and opportunities. When presented with the Ten of Swords reversed it can also indicate you have not been facing your fears head on. Don’t be afraid to take those swords out and confront your issues.

How do you do that? Well our next card has the answer. The Tower. My personal favorite card in the deck. The Tower comes into our lives when it’s time to take everything you know and throw it out the window. Get ready to break it all down and go through some serious transformation when this card is around. A few key words for The Tower are sudden changes, transformation, awakening and revelation. The Tower comes in and shakes the whole house. It asks the question of “How can I transform the toxicity in my life?” The Tower doesn’t fuck around. It makes you uncomfortable at times and pushes you to make the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. The Tower wants a sudden and abrupt change for you RIGHT NOW! What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked so it’s time for a total system override. One thing that is certain when this card appears is there is a massive shift in energy around you. Use that power for your greatest good! 

Our next card made me smile when I pulled it. This couldn’t be a stronger message for going through the drastic changes of The Tower then emerging as The Emperor. The Emperor is divine masculine, balance, success and discipline. The Emperor is serving you a code of personal conduct and strength. This is a securely balanced and peaceful card as The Emperor takes what we know from The Empress and applies it in practical and tangible ways. Stepping into the role of The Emperor you can start to feel more powerful and confident in your choices around when and what you consume. The structure that The Emperor brings will help you to form a plan and see it to fruition. I couldn’t help but think about the Aries connection with The Emperor and his connection to Mars. We are in Aries season now and this is a strong message of action! Aries takes what they want and they don’t second guess. Use this energy to make positive changes in your life. The Emperor gives you clear vision to see your goals and achieve them. An excellent card to create calm out of chaos from The Tower and heal the wounds of the Ten of Swords. 

I hope seeing these 3 energies combined you can see that the strength is inside of you but to get there you’ll have to demolish all those self limiting beliefs. Let The Tower strip that negativity from your life so that you can rise as The Emperor. 



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The deck I used this week is the Moonchild Tarot.

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Have a wonderful week, and be sure to check back next week. 


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