Venus retrograde in Scorpio

Venus the ruler of love, relationships, money and values has been retrograde since October 5th and won’t go direct until November 16th. She is also retrograde in Scorpio, the ruler of death and transformation. While she may appear to be taking a slow walk backwards, this is just an illusion. When a planet is in retrograde it is a perfect time for reflection and tying up loose ends.  This is not a time for major decision making.

Many of us might be a little edgy right now in terms of our relationships and this is a perfect time to reassess if our needs are being met. We can easily feel jealousy and possessiveness during this time. While Mercury retrograde disrupts communication, Venus retrograde throws off our values, sense of self and shakes up our social scene. What Venus retrograde in Scorpio is really asking us is to strip down to the bare basics and purge what isn’t serving us anymore.

This retrograde period is perfect for re-evaluating what really matters to you in your personal relationships but also with your relationship to yourself. You might be feeling unwanted pressure to deal with some past life or past relationship karma. Maybe you're thinking about an ex, or asking yourself if you're actually fulfilled in your current relationship? Now is the time to speak your truth, but with honesty and sincerity. You will reap what you sow during this retrograde. Tension around sex and how you view yourself will be a focal point. This is an encouraging time to look at your self-care routine. Venus in retrograde is a great time to pamper yourself and journal down your deepest desires. Self-love and care during this Venus retrograde is critical so you don't get caught up in the whirlwind. Venus is also square Mars, which can bring anger, sadness and disappointment during this time. Don't fly off the handle just yet, this is the time to work through these emotions. Self control will go along way to avoid disagreements and fights. How can you love yourself more?  Where are you showing up for yourself? We so often hold space for those around us and forget to hold space for ourselves.

A great time to re-evaluate your relationship to money, ask yourself where you place value in your life and how you spend your money.  Venus loves to shop for beautiful things so don't get carried away with any large purchases, instead focus on your values and don't go on the shopping spree. Financial decisions are best made after Venus goes direct. This also a great time to step out of the dating scene and focus more on yourself. Where have you been creativity lately? Take the first step and start writing that novel you've always wanted to write, pick up a paint brush and create something beautiful. Re-evaluate, reflect and restore.


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