So you want to go natural?

Let’s face it, we’ve all spent a small fortune at the luxury counter in Nordstrom, caught ourselves googling “best drugstore facial cleanser,” and still there’s no improvement in our skin. Maybe it’s time to go natural.

Unfortunately, many drugstore and traditional brands of beauty products contain parabens and endocrine disrupting phthalates which are linked to an increase in cancer and reproductive issues. Using natural and organic products will protect your skin from these harmful, so-called “safe” ingredients.

The handcrafted products under our Blackhaw & Birch label are free of these harmful chemicals, preservatives, and irritants. Our products are carefully formulated with organic, all-natural ingredients, are GMO-free, and never tested on animals.

Natural skincare is one of the quickest and most budget-friendly ways to heal irritation and hyper pigmentation of the skin. A healthy and disciplined natural skin care routine will ensure an improvement in your skin's appearance and texture. 

The first step in your skincare routine should be choosing a gentle cleanser. Our Clean Slate cleanser has a silky texture and is formulated with our very own Liquid Castile Soap as a base, to gently and effectively cleanse your skin without stripping it of natural oils. In addition, we've added other great skincare ingredients: 

First, activated charcoal which not only gives it a rich, black hue, but also attracts the dirt and oil in your pores like a magnet. 

Next we add a touch of basil essential oil which has a long list of benefits, including its natural anti-inflammatory properties, its benefits to cell metabolism and elasticity, antibacterial, and antiviral protection. A must-have when combating acne and rosacea.

And finally, birch essential oil with its lovely balsamic fragrance and a strong pain relieving property, is soothing for dry skin or irritation, and is a natural source of salicylic acid.

Once you've washed it is time to tone. Toners help to unclog pores and make your skin supple. Our Soothe Facial Tonic is perfect for all skin types. We start with a base of calming, raw witch hazel, and add the beautiful floral aroma of geranium--which may be one of the best essential oils for your skin when it comes to common problems like congestion, eczema and dermatitis--and the woody earthy aroma of frankincense to act as an astringent, heal the skin, and prevent signs of aging. Both essential oils are known to balance emotions and hormones as well. This facial tonic will soothe and calm both your skin and mind.

Facial oils are usually a mind-bender for some, but they should be a no-brainer. The benefits of using facial oils and serums are plentiful but here is a highlight the most important: Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or irritated skin, facial oils specifically formulated for your skin type will protect your skin from damaging free radicals in the environment, act as a smart oil and lock in only the moisture your skin needs, balance your texture and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Facial oils promote a natural, healthy glow and are even perfect primers for foundation and concealer. Blackhaw & Birch has carefully matched natural carrier oils with a blend of essential oils and herbs for every skin type.

A three step system is just the beginning, try our Miracle Oil Facial Serum as the next tool in your arsenal of skin care products! With ingredients like Camellia seed, argan, olive squalane, borage seed, rosehip seed, and sea buckthorn it packs a powerful punch!

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