Monthly Astro Forecast - February

While some may feel that January has already lasted a year, this month seems to have moved very quickly for me. I still find myself forgetting we are in 2019! All of the eclipse energy has been so powerful and initiated the need for change. Aquarius continues to propel us into February with more powerful energy to come.

On February 3rd, Venus enters Capricorn at 5:29 PM EST and will remain through March 1st. Hell yes! Think feminine leadership, authoritative but gentle. This is a time we can finally buckle down and get serious with our finances. Relationships tend to be more business-like and our relationships with co-workers and partners will flow easier than normal during this time.

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on February 4th at 4:04 PM EST. The Moon and Sun will be at 15 degrees, halfway through Aquarius season, which is when many witches celebrate Imbolc. In the sign of Aquarius our focus shifts to friendships, social activities, group projects, and humanitarian efforts. It’s time to let go of our attachments and dependency behavior that may be holding us back. Begin to think about the collective. This New Moon coupled with the Sabbat of Imbolc represents a new cycle and shines light on a new beginning. This is a time to clean out the old and make space for new things. Spring clean the energy in your home and take a long look at where you can do some spring cleaning with your own self. As with all New Moons, this will be a powerful time for manifesting new beginnings. The tarot card associated with Aquarius is The Star - also considered a wish card. Pull out The Star from your favorite deck. Meditate, reflect, or journal on how you connect with this card. Write out your wishes. What do you desire? Where do you see your highest self? How can you be of service to others and to the community?

On February 10th, Mercury moves into Pisces at 5:50 AM EST and hangs out until April 17th. Mercury is the communicator and Pisces is the visionary. Our thoughts become more imaginative and we speak in a more poetic way. Express yourself through creativity: music, literature, or art. Bring out your inner poet. Write down your dreams. How else can you harness Mercury’s energy? In Pisces, we think more visually. Our intuition and imagination are increased. A large part of communicating is being a good listener as well. Be careful not to get carried away with unrealistic thinking.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Mars enters Taurus at 5:51 AM EST. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Taurus influences you to stay in, pamper yourself/one another. Cook a nice meal at home. Buy yourself some decadent chocolate and indulge on this day. Mars will remain in Taurus until March 31, 2019. During this time, it’s best to focus on finishing what we’ve started rather than making new goals. Mars in Taurus requires us to be more patient in our actions and behaviors. However, some astrologers say Mars in Taurus can be the cosmic bully. Don’t let the Bull get the best of you! Frustration and irritation can easily occur, but keep that temper in check. Remember, practicing patience will help with achieving a desired outcome.

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18th at 6:04 PM EST. We shift our focus from the doing and making-moves energy of Aquarius, to feeling, imagining, and dreaming. Our intuition is heightened. Pisces is a selfless, empathic sign that is very spiritual and psychic. We may find ourselves feeling all the feels during Pisces season.

The Moon will be full in Virgo on February 19th at 10:54 AM EST. Full Moons are a time to review where we are and release what is no longer serving us. This Full Moon being in Virgo naturally wants us to review and analyze what is possible and manageable in our lives. Be realistic with our schedules. Are we feeling overwhelmed? What can we let go?

Moon Void of Course dates: 07, 12, 20, 25

What does it mean when the Moon is Void of Course?
Basically this is when the Moon is transitioning in between signs. The Moon rules our emotions, feelings, nurturing feminine side, and childhood nostalgia and memories. Depending on which sign the Moon is in, the energies of that sign influence our natural Moon Sign’s tendencies. The Moon can make us feel emotional ups and downs. When the Moon is Void of Course, we may feel emotionally rundown, confused, or even physically fatigued. We can also have a difficult time retaining new and important information. Many astrologers describe this period as being “lost time”. It can be harder to stay focused or on task and we may miss out on what's important. However, VoC isn’t all bad - use this time to relax and recharge, if possible. Hold off on making important decisions. Void of Course Moons don’t effect everyone the same - personally I am highly effected by Void of Course Moons, where things just feel “off”. Pay attention to the dates above and keep track of how you’re feeling.

This month's forecast is written by Whitney. Check out our offerings for astrology, tarot, and destiny card readings. Happy February and be sure to check back next month for the Monthly Astro Forecast.

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