A Little Bit of Magic; or, WTF is a Thaumaturgical Oil?

Thaumaturgy is an old, fancy word for wonder working, or (only slightly more ostentatious) miracle working. Many traditions have known thaumaturges, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism, though the practice itself has been described as "the use of magic for nonreligious purposes; the art and science of wonder working." Innumerable items and components can be used in thaumaturgical work--some of the most useful are blended oils.

We've had numerous questions regarding our Crones & Stones thaumaturgical oils--what they are, how they're used, etc.--so I thought I would spend a little time this afternoon giving some basic information on them and how they can be added into your own practice, no matter which path you follow.

Each of our thaumaturgical oils is a specific blend of essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, and other ingredients chosen for how their specific magical properties align with the goal of the overall blend. Each has a description of their intended use on their product page, but I will put a summary of them at the bottom of this post as well.

Many of their purposes are fairly obvious (Attract a Man/Woman, Love, Luck, and so on), though several are based on some traditional recipes and were named to pay tribute to that source (Azrael, 3 Jacks, Shi Shi, just to name a few), so I definitely encourage spending some time looking them over to find which would work best for your intent. And please don't hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about a particular oil.

But how do you use them? Well, that depends on you and your practice.

A person's practice is as unique as they are. It could be anything from praying to God, to meditating, to yoga, to calling on ancestors, casting spells, working with the fae… There really is no limit. At its most basic form magic is simply an intentional use of energy to affect change. That energy can come from the practitioner alone, or can be bolstered by the tools, symbols, and ingredients used in a spell, deities invoked, etc. 

I'm not out to write a primer on magic today, though, so I'll reign it in. I have the feeling that most people asking about these oils are fairly new to a magical practice, so I'll focus on probably the most basic way to use thaumaturgical oils: candle magic.

Candle magic is perhaps one of the most accessible forms of a physical magical practice and if you're looking for a place to start, it's a very nonthreatening way to dip your toe into the pool. Candle magic is a good place to start because candles are inexpensive, easy to get your hands on, the "rules" are simple, and a candle flame is very easy to use as a focus for your intention. Dressing a candle with thaumaturgical oil gives the magic that much more oomph.

And how do you dress (anoint) a candle? The usual way is to hold the candle in your left hand and use your right hand to rub oil into the candle. Starting at the middle, work your way around the candle rubbing the oil upward to the wick. Once you've gone all the way around, start again from the center and rub the oil into the candle downward to the bottom of the candle all the way around the candle again.

As with everything magical, even this action is laden with symbolism. Your left hand is your receptive hand, your right hand is the hand of action. Anointing the candle in this manner is thought to be sending your intention up to the heavens and then bringing the magic back down to the earth (as above, so below, and all that). 

The color of the candle you use can lend its own magic to your spell as well. Briefly, here are some colors and their uses:

White: spiritual strength, breaking curses, uncrossing; represents faith, purity, truth, sincerity; can stand in for candles of another color.

Pink: innocence, goodwill, honor, love, morality, friendship, banishing evil.

Red: passion, lust, sexuality, good health, strength, vigor.

Orange: concentration, attraction, stimulation, encouragement.

Yellow: attraction, persuasion, confidence.

Green: money, luck, abundance, success, prosperity, fertility, cooperation; good harvest.

Light blue: Patience, understanding, tranquility, protection, peace, perception, awareness, spiritual health.

Dark blue: mental health, mutability, subduing, impulsiveness.

Purple: ambition, business growth, power, willpower.

Brown: hesitation, uncertainty, doubt, neutrality.

Black: evil, loss, discord, confusion, saddness.

This list is by no means complete. Additional guidance can be found under our beeswax candle descriptions (I just realized after typing all that up it probably would have been easier to just copy and paste it from our website, but oh well), or just by a simple Google search of candle magic.

Moving on: Got your candle? Got your oil? Then you're all set to cast your spell.

In a nutshell what you could do might look something like this:

You're going to interview for a job, so you grab your dram of Crones & Stones Success Oil and a green candle. Focusing on the upcoming interview and your desire to nail it, you dress the candle.

Don't just think about doing well in the interview, know that you will. Know that it is going to go well, know that you will get the job. Think about what the first day on that new job will be like. Think about what your life will be after you get that job. Make having that job a reality in your mind.

Light the candle, pour your focus into its flame. Imagine it getting brighter and brighter, its light completely filling you as your thoughts of having your new job get bigger, stronger, more concrete. Hold this as long as possible. Let the candle extinguish.

And that's it, you've cast a candle magic spell. Your intention is out there, your magic will get to work.

As you continue you can always add more to your rituals. Anything with an appropriate correspondence will build upon your intention and give your spell that much more power behind it. You can carve your name into the candle, or other symbols or runes. You could incorporate specific herbs or incenses. You could burn that green candle on a Thursday during a waxing moon. All of this lends more intentional energy to use in your spell.

And again, this is just a simple example. Your practice could look absolutely nothing like this. But if you're new to working magic it's a good place to start and a simple primer on how to use a thaumaturgical oil.




3 Jacks - Considered one of the luckiest of all the good-luck oils. Useful before any gambling venture (be sure to anoint palms before opening any poker deck!) as well as ritual work.

Altar - Used for anointing your altar.

Astral Travel - Used for spells and ritual work involving astral travel.

Attract a Man - Self explanatory. More aimed toward facilitating passionate love affairs.

Attract a Woman - same as the male version but altered to attract female attention.

Azrael Oil - Based on an ancient recipe Fire of Azrael recipe. Used in scrying.

Banishing Oil - Useful in getting rid of any unwanted energy in your life. Or people. Or bad habits. Low vibes.

Bless This House - Anoint candles in your home to clear away old energy. Especially useful when moving into a new house or after bad energy manifests in the home in the form of domestic arguments, etc.

Break-Up Oil - Used in spells to break people up. We recommend it for the pesky ex who won’t go away, though technically it is used more often for less scrupulous purposes.

Circle Oil - Used when casting circles for your magical work.

Consecration Oil - Used during consecration ritual work.

Divination Oil - Useful for aiding in any divinatory work (tarot, tea leaves, etc).

Flying Devil - Traditionally used by anointing your front door with a pentagram or cross, then adding some of the oil to a bucket of water and sweeping it across your floors toward (and out) your open front door (use a new broom and dispose of it after this). Clears your home of negativity in the form of imps, demons, malicious spirits, etc.

Handfasting - Used during handfasting ceremonies (pagan wedding rituals). Also can be used as a massage oil when the marriage is being consummated, added to a bath in the honeymoon suite, etc.

Inner Journey - Especially useful in past life work and meditation.

Love - What you would use in a love spell; not the lusty goal of the attraction oils, but a more lasting effect.

Lucid Dreams - Used in dream work; to have more control, seek instruction or guidance through dreams, etc.

Lucky - Turns bad luck to good! An excellent all-purpose luck blend. Traditionally worn in the shoes; anoint candles during ritual; wear daily on the body; etc.

Money Drawing - The classic recipe. Used to draw money to you. Dress a green candle, your money, etc.

Moon - Used during lunar magic work.

O Fortuna - Call the goddess Fortuna into your work. Useful in anointing lucky charms.

Pentatruck - A traditional uncrossing oil from New Orleans; also used for protection.

Prophetic Dream - Used in dream work where the goal is prophecy.

Queen - A very potent oil used to attract lust, love, and success. Typically for women, but any androsexual person would benefit.

Reversal - Reverses magic cast at you, or when you’ve made a magical mistake yourself.

Shi Shi - Powerful wealth drawing oil. Normally works very fast to produce a stroke of good fortune. Traditionally used to dress a green seven day candle or a dollar bill kept in the wallet.

Success - For a little extra assuredness that your plans will succeed.

Tantra - Useful in sex magic.

Van Van - Has many, many uses. People dress candles, charms, doorways, seals, talismans, etc., to increase their power. It can be used to clean (I find it useful to clean my altar and workspace with, almost like furniture polish). Can be used to attract love, money; can be used in uncrossing work. Almost like the magical oil version of a clear quartz crystal — jack of all trades type of oil.

Wise Woman - Useful for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms; useful for stress relief, mood swings, calming, balancing, uplifting; etc.

Youth - Used in work where the aim is to increase happiness, youthful energy, zest for life, etc.

Yuza Yuza - Useful in working with the spirits of the departed. Never to be used in jest; can be dangerous. Can be used for hexing. 

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